There is a force around us - Yvonne Nelson opens up on 'juju' attack

Ghanaian actress cum producer, Yvonne Nelson has claimed that some industry players resort to the practice of 'juju' against the success of their colleagues.

Yvonne Nelson

According to her, she was once a victim of a spiritual attack.

The Fifty-Fifty movie producer and actress said this while in an interview with Hitz FM's Andy Dosty.

Narrating her ordeal, Yvonne Nelson said she suspected that her food or drink was poisoned while on set.

Adding that she started having eye problems while shooting the movie, ‘Material Girl’, produced by renowned filmmaker Abdul Salaam Mumini.

The 36-year-old actress and producer added that her frequent visits to see an optometrist proved futile until she began to fast and pray.

“It got to a time I couldn’t shoot anymore and I got two days off. I had to fast and pray for the two days and it went off like magic. I believe there is a force and a spiritual something happening around us,” she told Andy Dosty.

Yvonne Nelson then urged actors and actresses to be cautious of what they eat and drink when on movie sets.

Meanwhile, the actress has said that doctors and teachers in the country are those supposed to be treated the way the state treats politicians.

According to her, she wonders what the highly paid political appointees in the country have been doing to improve the nation’s fortunes.

This is because, to her, although they look busy on our roads, their actions are not translating on the ground.

Yvonne, who is also a movie producer, pointed out that regardless of the respect shown by road users to let politicians move freely in traffic, it seems they are only interested in themselves and not the people.

She asked in a post on Twitter where do the politicians go when they speed to pass the citizenry in traffic? The actress believes the public should stop giving them that opportunity because they do not deserve it.


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