They poisoned my drink - Screwface reveals how he narrowly escaped death in drinking bar

Ghanaian musician, Screwface has detailed an experience of how narrowly escaping being poisoned by a group of strangers.

Screw Face

Speaking on Hitz FM, the Ghanaian singer said the incident occurred while he was enjoying a drink at a joint he frequents after playing basketball. Screwface noted that he was sitting alone and minding his own business when he was approached by four guys.

I went to play basketball and decided to pass by this joint of mine that I sometimes get drinks from. As you know, I am that solo type. I love to sit alone and do my thing. I was in my nose mask so no one would notice me and had poured half of my drink, and these four guys were screaming, "Screwface, what's up?" he said.

According to Screwface the unknown guys expressed their admiration for his new song, 'Down Fall,' and engaged him in a conversation before a group of guys were heard fighting a Khebab vendor, and one of the guys asked what was going on.


He continued that as the noise grew louder, he turned around, which gave the perpetrators time to slip something into his drink.

After checking the guys behind out, he picked up his drink and was about to take it when one of the guys suggested that he waited and chat a little with them which made him suspect foul play.

Once I turned my back, that was all it took. I turned back to take my drink, and my drink was bubbling like when you buy vitamin C and put it in it. As I was about to drink when one of the guys asked me not to drink yet and that we should have a little chat. I think it was for the thing they put in the drink to dissolve and settle. So I told them I wanted to go and urinate,” he shared in a report by Ghanaweb.

Screwface said he poured the drink away and that was when discovered a residue of the poison they had slipped into it.

When I went to the urinal, I poured the drink away. When I turned, I said, "No, let me check. When I checked the residue under the drink, I brought the drink with me and wanted to ask them which one did this.


“When I got back, they had all left. This was three days ago. No cap and I am saying this, people are evil. People are evil. I don't know any of them,” he added.


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