Those who booed Nana Addo should have attacked him - Shatta Wale (VIDEO)

Shatta Wale has proposed that those who booed Nana Addo should have rather attacked him.

Shatta Wale

The Ghanaian dancehall act in an angry video was telling the Ghanaian President that people are pissed in the country over the poor performance of his government. According to Shatta Wale, he is delivering the message from the street

"The street is hot, I am telling you something, the country is not going well," Shatta Wale said in a video which is going viral.

"We were all in Ghana when people said Mahama hasn't done anything, now Mahama is gone and you've come into power, they say you as for you, you are not trying. They say de3 you no dey try, common entertainment they say you no dey try, I am telling you," Shatta Wale emphasized.

Commenting on the booing of the President at the Global Citizen Festival, Shatta Wale said those who booed the President should have been arrested because they are cowards.

His words suggested that they should have rather attacked the president so that when they get arrested, people will see that they sacrificed for the country.

"You say the President is not doing anything, the President has come to Independence Square can't you f*ckin sacrifice yourself for the country like how Shatta Wale sacrificed himself to go to jail so that pastors will stop behaving foolishly in this country, you are there saying away," he said.

In the video below, he continued that "the person who took the video didn't do well, like all those in that category should have been arrested, foolish boys in the crowd, kwasia you too take knife, cut the president so they understand that you want to change something".

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