The star-studded event took place Sunday at BeverlyHills in a church which the 45-year-old had built at the back of his home purposely for his son's christening.

The ceremony was not only attended by high-profile stars, OprahWinfrey, CicelyTyson and Oliver Ripley named as godparents of three-months-old AmanTylerBekele-Perry, but JenniferHudson, YolandaAdams, SmokieNorful and VaShawnMitchell also performed at the lavish event.

The movie mogul described the church as a replica of what his mother grew in saying; “I had this church built in my backyard. It’s almost a direct replica of the one my Mother grew up in. It was in her honor. I know she was with us in spirit. Thank you to all our family and friends for joining us.”