Van Vicker talks about taking Vantastic Grill to Liberia in chat with Phyllis Ntim (WATCH)

Van Vicker is one of the few Ghanaian actors who have ventured into other businesses far away from their careers.

Ghanaian movie star Van Vicker [Instagram/VanVicker]

In 2021, the Ghanaian actor announced that he has ventured into the food and catering business. He unveiled an eatery located in Accra which has been named after him, Vantasic Grill.

Months later, Van Vicker in a chat with Phyllis Ntim, has detailed the inspiration behind his new venture.

In the conversation with the founder of PN Iridescent, a Netherlands-based media company, Van Vicker said "I wanted to open this restaurant since 2019 but the COVID sort of pushed me more. The idea was I wanted to do more deliveries and a sit-in".


Talking about the name, the actor disclosed that "I usually would have used the name fantastic ... so when it got to the food bit, I asked thought ok, how do I incorporate my name in the business, because I think is something more of who I stand for, what I stand for, my personal brand, how do incorporate my personal brand with the name of the restaurant ... so I felt ok Vantatsic should work and then I did add the Grill".

Vantastic Grill is currently closed for its enhancement as Van Vicker has promised to take the business to a higher level. According to the actor, "it is on the drawing board" to expand even across the globe but depends on how fast we grow.

"I would want to expand, currently in Ghana I want to do about four other branches then I would see how to step out of Ghana," the actor told Phyllis Ntim.

In the interview, the actor who is also partly Liberian by descent revealed that he is hopeful to open a branch in Liberian. " Something that is feasible in my mind now is Liberia because I know the terrane," he said. Watch the video below to hear more from Van Vicker about Vantastic Grill.


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