Her father was shocked to see her daughter reach that milestone and out of excitement, he took to Instagram to share a sweet birthday message for J'dyl.

He shared a photo with her daughter with the caption:

“Sweet 16? I remember J'dyl's 1st bday like yesterday but it has been 16yrs already. Super-eminently, as much as children can be backbreakers at every stage, it is such a delight to just be around and groom them into that unique individual, inevitably blending derivatives of yourself, lol. Children do make parents proud. I am proud of my daughter. She is intelligent, smart, beautiful, enthusiastic, 100% go getter, confident, respectful, team player, leadership potential and so on and so forth. Her sublimeness leaves almost no room for debilitation. Continue to grow in favour and stature with God and man. Hard & sweet chick! I love you my biggest baby. Happy 16th birthday.”