The 'bottle cap challenge' is not over yet if you think it is.

The challenge is done by participants doing the turning kick. However, Ghanaian born Kenyan socialite, Pamela Odame, has taken the challenge to a whole new level.

She came through on the challenge with her signature 'big boobs' instead of a kick. 

While a friend held a bottle of popular alcoholic beverage Kpookeke in the video, the model ran through in slow motion effect and ended up removing the bottle cap with her boobs.

She posted the video on her Instagram account which has attracted hundreds of comments from her followers. 

In the comments, @michaleshelling wrote Pamela: "FINALLY!!! I thought the bottle cap challenge was the dumbest thing in the world until just right this minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a national treasure."

Another user, @curvyandnatural also commented: "I felt the heaviness with every bounce." @emmacarr86 heaped praise on Pamela: "Forget abt the Entertainer of the year, I think what u just did is Guiness World Record."

@archimedesoppong had this to say: "Calculate the the amount of force exerted on the kpo keke bottle if the mass of the breast is 2,450g. [Taking a=10]."

@emanobzs commented: "U won the challenge ,no doubt ...@jasonstatham ought to see this."

Here is a video of Pamela Odame in action below;