According to the “Highest” rapper who went on a Twitter rant, he thinks that Charterhouse and its VGMAs board were too quick and harsh to penalize the acts involved without sharing part of the blame as well.

In one of his tweets, he said, “Charter house y’all don’t have to act that quick with your decision cos we could do same to you ...”, insinuating that, the acts in a hasty reaction could have equally boycotted the VGMAs as well.

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In other tweets, the top-notch rapper chastised the VGMAs organizers for even creating the atmosphere for a lot of fans to be always paraded in the auditorium with acts during the awards night.

Grammy's seating chart 2017
Grammy's seating chart 2017

According to him, when it happens that way, scuffles are very likely to ensue like what happened when Shatta Wale’s and Stonebwoy’s teams clashed on stage. He cited the Grammys as an example of an event that is widely open to all fans.

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However, the rapper added that he understands the needs for Charterhouse to sell tickets to raise some funds to run the events but advocated that it should be looked at.

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