I don’t take less than ₵10K; I drive a ₵100K car – Incredible Zigi (WATCH)

Ghanaian choreographer, Incredible Zigi, has revealed that he doesn’t take less than ₵10,000 for a performance.

Incredible Zigi

According to the dancer, his work entails a lot more than meets the eye.

Explaining this in an interview with Sammy Kay Media, he said he charges not just for the dance moves but also for insurance and the intellectual process of putting together a choreography.

“I charge for the craft and insurance on the side and then the dance, before I charge choreography. It’s not just the moves but our mind. And you will be charged for the dance moves that will go along with the song too. That’s why I’m this well dressed.”

Asked why he charges for insurance, he quizzed, “when I break my leg while dancing, where will I take it to?”


He further indicated that he doesn’t work below the ₵10,000 fee.

“We don’t take ₵3000, ₵4000 or ₵5000. If you brand yourself well, you will not take that amount. It goes beyond that, ₵6000 is even way below. If you want to produce quality output as a dancer then learn.

“That’s how the Nigerians live their lives. They put a lot of money into their craft. That attracts bigger opportunities for them. But Ghanaians will want to pay very little and as such we will also not put in our best effort. Because that’s our work. If you pay the right amount, we will deliver our optimum,” he noted.

He said some Ghanaian artiste “pay” ₵10,000 for choreographies.

According to him, the artistes “know they can get back their money if they invest in our craft.”


Zigi, who has been an ambassador for Guinness and has also been featured in a BBC report, said he feels “so good that Ghanaians are accepting us now, as they realise we can benefit from dancing.”

He, however, made it clear that, he had a tough time when he was starting out as a dancer.

“When I began, I was dancing on the streets before social media came and then I capitalized on it. I wasn’t getting anything when I was dancing on the streets. I’ve danced at funerals, parties, and weddings. I was paid with food and sometimes they will give me ₵50 or ₵20 for transport.”

The talented dancer also added that, he was not focused on the money when he began and that is why he didn’t quit.

“The reason I didn’t stop is because dancing is my passion. It’s not about the money. But as I have been able to brand myself to this level, it is now that I have to reap from my craft. Because at that time, I didn’t take anything. I’m reaping from all those moments I wasn’t paid. You have to understand the work.”


He concluded my motivating up and coming dancers to believe in their craft as it is very profitable when done well.

“I’m driving a Honda Civic. It costs a ₵100,000 and I bought it through dancing. So, don’t let nobody tell you that dancing will not take you anywhere. If you have the talent, use it. Social media is powerful capitalize on it.”


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