BBNaija Lockdown's second evictee, Lilo Aderogba might be struggling with regrets but her countenance barely reveals it.

For her Pulse interview, Lilo appeared composed especially for someone who had only recently experienced the adverse effect of a social media onslaught.

Behind the smile, as I would later find out, was a purpose. The latest reality star was hell-bent on clearing the air on a statement she made about her romance with Eric.

Here are five must read highlights of the interview:

1. Lilo admits her performance in the house lacked the WOW factor

Lilo Aderogba [Instagram/@liloaderogba]
Lilo Aderogba [Instagram/@liloaderogba]

If last Sunday's evictions are anything to go by, entanglements might be good for social reaction but does little to win the hearts of loyal fans. For Lilo, this valuable lesson came a tad bit too late.

"I feel like I didn't give my fans what they wanted and also the housemates cause they voted me out", said Lilo. "I believe I would have done better if I hadn't attached myself to someone in the house".

2. Lilo cleared the air on her 'Eric took advantage of me' comment

Contrary to general opinion, a very thin line lies between Lilo's headline-making comment about her cupid influenced quagmire and how she truly felt. While she admits 'catching feelings' may have blurred her tactical, game playing side, Eric also influenced it because he saw through her weakness.

Lilo insists her first interview was misconstrued [BHM]
Lilo insists her first interview was misconstrued [BHM]

"What I said was I obviously put my emotions, my feelings which messed up my game and I said also that Eric knew cause we spoke a lot about stuff. The whole thing started with us being friends and I felt like I could handle just being his friend.

"When the feelings started coming in, he noticed and obviously, he liked me as well. So, I just felt like he was happy that I was feeling the vibe he wanted. I didn't mean like he took advantage of me in the sense that people are meaning it to be that he used me or all that".

She further admitted that Eric's move on her was probably a strategy.

3. Lilo and her boyfriend are still together

Thankfully, Lilo's episode in the house did not have a severing effect on her relationship as she disclosed that while her man got hurt like every sane human, he is yet to call things off.

"Yes I did come into the house with a relationship and I am still in a relationship. He is human, he felt it but we are good, trust me. we will deal with like whatever it is".

4. The 'Lucy & Lilo' ship might never sail

Lilo and Lucy [Multichoice ]
Lilo and Lucy [Multichoice ]

Lilo's time in the house saw a no love lost between her and Lucy. It appears that the harsh realities of the real world may have delivered the final blow.

Lilo revealed that while the former head of house has her own personality, they both shared nothing in common.

The 23-year-old star further shared that she did not have a favourite housemate but is hoping that the best housemate gets the money.

5. Business partnerships, vlogging without Eric are some of Lilo's plans for the future

Away from the reality show, Lilo reveals she will be focusing on her clothing line and a business partnership she was considering before the house. Vlogging is also another aspect she intends to explore and show the world.

For fans still hoping to hear the wedding bells ring between the former lovebirds, Lilo emphatically stated that her friendship with Eric will no longer be detrimental to her relationship.