Amirhossein Ashrafi wins best actor award for his dazzling performance in ‘Hot Seat’

Iranian actor Amirhossein Ashrafi is breaking the glass ceiling with his craft.

Amirhossein Ashrafi wins best actor award

For his role in the movie ‘Hot Seat’ directed by James Cullen Bressack, the actor has been crowned the best actor for his performance in movie, Hot Seat.

The movie falls into the “thrilling” genre and has a pretty strong cast such as Shannen Doherty, Kevin Dillon and Mel Gibson. However, the Iranian born actor who impressed many audiences with his dazzling performance has bagged the prestigious award for his talent.

Amirhossein Ashrafi managed to give an excellent performance in the ‘Hot Seat’ movie and accordingly, he was announced the best actor in an exclusive festival held for the movie making Iranians feel proud.

Movies have always been my first love so I am very honoured to be recognised and awarded. I hope that this feat will serve as an inspiration to us all to never stop chasing your dreams and always give your best,” shares Ashrafi.


In information available on Amirhossein Ashrafi's IMDb page, this is not his first achievement in the world of movies as he has featured in numerous movies and film series that have earned him notable awards . He is also known as the director of 5 movies that have created a sensation in Iran and globally.

He also has an active music career and contributed as a music composer for several films with his voice and music style.

Checks on Amirhossein Ashrafi Instagram page (engashrafi) further captures his cinematic activities that are fast making him a household name across the globe. Follow him to stay updated.


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