Actress shares what feminism means to her, promoting gender equality with films

"I believe that we can do whatever a man can do. But I also believe that a woman should also be submissive" - Chika Ike.

Chika Ike

In an exclusive chat with Pulse Nigeria, the actress spoke on what inspired the show, what feminism means to her, and how her projects promotes gender equality.

According to the actress, "African Diva Reality Series" was inspired by her passion to give the African woman a voice.

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On "African Diva" inspiration:

I wanted to empower the young African woman. I wanted to give a girl a chance because I for one for was given one.

On what Feminism means to her:

I believe that women are powerful. I believe that we can do whatever a man can do. But I also believe that a woman should also be submissive when she is married because I believe the biblical term of being a wife. Some people misunderstand feminism with being a good woman. I believe that women should be given equal chances as men.

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On promoting gender equality with her works:

I wanted to empower the African woman. I wanted her to her to have a voice. To be strong. To be powerful. So you can say that because that's what my show is all about.

On challenges encountered bringing "African Diva" show to life:

When a woman wants to do something outstanding in the society, you get a lot of backlashes. A lot of people say, how dare you do this? 'Who are you to be a voice?' I encountered a lot of challenges starting. People were asking me, "why not for the men? Why is it just for the women?" I had to fight to break that norm and make them understand that I am a woman, and I know it is so difficult for a woman in society to have a voice and have a stand.

Chika Ike's 2016 productions include "Yes, I Will," "Happy Ending," "One Fine Day," and the second season of her reality series, "African Diva."

The interesting interview can be watched above.


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