Things I wish I knew in my twenties [Video]

Edozien reflects on the mistakes she made and the lessons she learnt a decade ago. Watch her vlog here!


Glory Edozien returns with a new webisode of her vlog “Discovery with Glory”.  On this 12th episode titled “Things I Wish I Knew in My Twenties”, Edozien goes looks back to reflect on lessons she learnt a decade ago.

In the synopsis of this chapter, she said: “My 20's feel like a burr. A cocktail of parties, boys, university and day dreaming about the future. It wasn't until my mid to late twenties that I started really questioning myself and wondering what I was doing which then birthed the confusion and the depression”.

“I have spoken to many ladies in their twenties and I find that although everyone's story is different, the questioning part and the sometimes resulting confusion and depression is similar across board. I tell everyone I speak to that 'every thing good will come' may take time but it will come”, she added.

Edozien reveals that even in her thirties she's still learning.

Watch her latest webisode here:


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