Now, there’s more. Pulse TV introduces Ginger meets Pepper, a new show that is set to keep you entertained.

Ginger meets Pepper is a controversial show aimed to entertain with controversial yet humorous storylines. It is centred around two main characters named Ginger and Pepper who will take you on a long ride of laughing moments.

Ginger and Pepper: A Pulse TV show

In this episode, Ginger borrows 50 cedis from Pepper and promises to refund his money the next day.

Upon receiving the money, he goes lottery staking and wins an amount of 20,000 cedis. The next day, he heads over to Pepper's and meets him halfway. He breaks the news to Pepper who is happy for him. He then decides to pay back the 50 cedis he borrowed from him.

Pepper becomes furious and requests a 50/50 share of the 20,000 cedis he won. Ginger doesn’t agree to this and both parties begin to argue. 

Does Ginger owe pepper 50% of his winnings, or not?

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