The slow-tempo highlife song which has been described by many as ‘amateurish and half-baked’ got her trending on social media, especially Twitter for more than 24 hours.

It’s a ballad which depicts Emelia’s definition of love and how partners in relationships should be treated.

But critics are not having any of it – most of them agree that she did good with her timing and instrumentation but her vocal performance ruined the entire work.

There have been thousands of tweets about the song but we share with you top 10 of them that will give you a good laugh:

1. The guy's 'crippled' grandma finally walked

2. Cardi B's magic failed

3. Something might be wrong

4. She was compared to rapper C-Zar

5. Looking for a catch phrase

6. Daddy Lumba wanted

7. A new promo strategy?

8. A witch repellent?

9. She made history

10. And none of the trolls will make heaven