Adina delivers a super impressive performance at the Promiseland Festival in Australia

Ghana’s adorable female vocalist Adina Thembi, over the weekend, thrilled an energetic mammoth crowd of different nationalities to her tunes at the Promise Land Music Festival 2022, in Australia


In video that was shared online, the female vocalist could be seen delivering some of her most iconic songs while getting loud cheers from the crowd.

Showing up on stage, it was as though they couldn't believe she had shown up as shouts and boisterous responses of euphoria could be heard from the audience.

While Adina performed, some of the audience could be seen trying to break their way from the barricaded area to the stage.

Adina was nothing short of stunning when she wore her signature African Wax print dress which had a gathered design fixed on the side to give it a beautiful flowery style.

At some point during ‘The killing me softly’ artiste’s performance, she stopped singing but then the crowd could be heard singing word for word her song right through to the end.

Promiseland is Australia’s first major music festival that blends Reggae, Afrobeats, and R&B into one cohesive experience for fans. Forging its way as the most wildly eclectic music festival in 2022, the festival hit the Gold Coast for an enormous two-day event for its inaugural edition on 1 & 2 October.

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