In her new photoshoot, the “Talk to Your Boyfriend” hitmaker sparkled in a yellow blazer which she wore over blue and white trousers and Air Jordan sneakers. She capped with her signature blonde braids.

Styled by fashionistas, Suzzway and Yaa Woyome, Enam says her look was inspired by “my ever-glowing energy that proudly powered by the colour ‘yellow’”.

She continued: “I believe strongly that ‘yellow’ has good fortune with my soul and I think that reflects in the pictures.”

Enam also disclosed that she will kickstart the year with an afrobeats song, titled “69ine”, scheduled for release on Friday, February 19.

She said the song is inspired by her experiences, feelings and some memories in her love life.

“My songs are basically about my experiences, my feelings and some memories,” she says. “I was in the studio about to record and I got a message ‘I want it with you’ from a guy who has been hitting me up for some few months and I used that to jump on the beat.”

Enam said the slow-tempo jam is aimed at empowering African women to flip the norm about how men express sexual emotions towards women.

“Usually, men are the ones that express their sexual emotions towards women. My music should give women, especially African women, the confidence to express freely their emotions and sexual desires.”

Enam acknowledges the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on artistes and the showbiz industry in general but believes it exposed the power of social media – which is her new tool to push her career to the top.

“For me, COVID 19 has changed the world and made social media a more powerful tool. For me, it is a good time for a rising artiste like me to be discovered because people are more flexible and opening up to new sounds. So, I am going to push my music as far as I can so I can be heard throughout the world,” she concluded.

“69ine”, a song produced by KC Beatz, will be accompanied by a colourful visual directed by Kin Kwesy and Royce.