From Kuami Eugene to Joey B – 5 sampled songs and their originals

If there is anything the Ghanaian music industry can boast of, it is the river of classic Hiplife/Highlife tunes, especially from the early 2000s.

Kwami Eugene, Stonebwoy and Joey B

Daddy Lumba, Daasebre Dwamena, and all the other oldie goldies gave us serious jams back in the day.

There are a whole lot of music icons who made the 80s, 90s, and more, lit with their music, all over the world!

Their music was and still is so good that it’s normal to see the new age musicians, sampling the old gems.

Every once in a while, new artists sample some of these great works bringing them back into the forefront of the latest industry dominated by Afrobeat.


Below are songs that were sampled:

Joey B samples Bessa Simons for ‘Greetings from Abroad’

Joey B is one of the few artists who love to sample old Ghanaian music.

He’s got an impressive list, sampling from legends such as Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Bessa Simmons, Ofori Amponsah, and Daasebre. From his hit singles like Cigarette, Sweetie Pie, and Greetings from Abroad, these are all the time's Joey B sampled

One of such is his hit single Greetings from Abroad ft Pappy Kojo.


Joey B carefully executed this because everything from the title of the song to the music video style and his fashion sense had a massive throwback feel to it. The nostalgia was crazy and on top of it all, he sampled the legendary Bessa Simons’, Awo Yi. The sample is in the chorus on Greetings From Abroad and can be found from 0:45 of the original song by Bessa Simmons.

Sampling the song was not all Joey did. The song as a whole is inspired by Borga highlife. He digs into the influential once-vibrant genre and breathes new life into the classic.

Wizkid and Mutay sample Ghana’s VIP


Nigerian Afrobeat star, Wizkid is not one to shy away from samples. He’s sampled Fela, Bob Marley, Beenie Man, and even Tic (formally Tic Tac) among others.

In 2017, he joined forces with Mutay to release Manya. On the record, he heavily samples VIP’s 2005 classic, ‘Ahomka Womu’ on the hook.

According to Wizkid in an interview, he asked for their permission before proceeding to release the song and paid them for it. They were also supposed to be in the music video, but couldn’t make it, he revealed.


Stonebwoy samples Dr Paa Bobo for ‘Sobolo‘

Stonebwoy won the hearts of many when he released his hit single ‘Sobolo’.

The live version of the song posted on YouTube saw the Reggae/Dancehall artistes perform with his Bhim band. But the one thing that caught the eye of many was the sample of a highlife tune Stonebwoy reworked for this song.

He reproduced some lines of the famous ‘Osobro Kyee’ by veteran, Dr Paa Bobo.


These are the lines contained in ‘Sobolo’.

“Fa o’sabokywer fa wo nsa be wo m’enii into the eye. Osabokywer fa wo nsa be wo m’eni so so. Osabokywer fa wo nsa be wo m’eni, Me w’uaa enye hweee.”

In the live recording session with his Bhim Band, Stonebowy eulogized the legend, Dr Paa Bobo for his immense contribution to Highlife music.

He said at the latter part of the live recording, “Sweet sweet highlife music from the coasts of Ghana, the red, gold, green and the black star. Highlife music is the originator, the origin and the foundation of the Afrobeat music we have today. This one is taken from the archives, the classical archives of the great one, the legendary one…DR. PAA BOBO.”


Kuami Eugene samples Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais Moi Confiance’ for ‘Confusion’

Kuami Eugene is one artist that is not new to sampling. Most of his hit songs are a result of sampling other people’s songs.

He’s also got an impressive list, sampling from legends such as Oduma Essan, Malian singer Sidiki Diabaté, Ice Prince, Koffee, and the likes.

In 2018, Kuami Eugene sampled Malian artiste Sidiki Diabaté’s song ‘Fais Moi Confiance’ for his hit single, ‘Confusion.’


Sidiki’s song, which was released in 2015 and Kuami Eugene’s ‘Confusion’, where both sang in the same key (B Flat Major), have the same chordal progressions – and there are some traces of Sidiki’s melodies in the chorus of Kuami Eugene’s ‘Confusion.’

Speaking in an interview, Kwami Eugene said he took inspiration from 3 musicians to compose his ‘Confusion.’

“I picked some elements from Kojo Antwi’s ‘Dadie Anoma,’ and Daddy Lumba and also took inspiration from Sidiki Diabaté’s ‘Fais moi Confiance.’ I didn’t steal the song, I only took inspiration from them and I even credited all of them in the song,” the Angela hitmaker stated.

Wusu samples Daasebere Gyamena


An artiste named Wusu paid tributes to legendary Ghaians artists some years ago.

Through his tributes, he sampled some of their songs, and refixed them to give them a new look but still did not take much away from the original.

One of the songs was Daasebere’s ‘Korkorkor’.

He titled his song Badda.


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