Sound engineer, Kaywa says sound producers are not rewarded enough for the job they do for artistes.

According to him, apart from the fact that artistes pay “peanuts” for their services, producers do not get any monetary value for their contributions to the songs subsequently in terms of royalties that accrue to the artiste after the song is released.

“The system in Ghana is not fair to producers. The reason why I’m saying this is that producers are only known when the song is out. But when it comes to how much money is derived from the song, and what the producer is getting, it is very unfortunate,” he said on Hitz FM.

Kaywa opines that songs are intellectual property of the producers and should be given what is due them. He called for structures to be put in place to ensure that producers are not neglected after a song makes a hit.

“The artistes come into the studio… all they do is that they produce with you and they give you peanuts and after giving you that money, they go out and make a lot of money on the production you have made. That’s intellectual property. In actual sense, the production belongs to the producer… so there should be a structure in Ghana that makes the producer benefit from every production he has made,” the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Best Engineer noted.

Kaywa has produced hits including Odo Pa, Do the Dance, Yenko Nkoaa, Adult Music, M’akoma, Mansa among others.