The “Ye” hitmaker, during the concert, ordered the security to walk out a ‘fan’ who wasn’t in the mood for his performance.

Having asked the ‘fan’ how much he paid for the ticket, Burna Boy is seen reaching out to his pocket to dash out the said amount to the fan.

He is again heard saying, “Come, come, come. Go home, go home, go home. Escort this guy out of this place now. The guy is annoying me”.

He further asked a number of others, “Why are you here?”

Burna Boy returned the first fan saying, “Security, carry this guy commot for my front. He can go to the back though. He can’t stay in the front….I don’t come here to play so if you want to come and do a fashion show and stand and look at me, go to a f**king church. Your face is not encouraging me”.

Watch the full video below.