'I don't f**k with delay, I come faster' - Lyrical Joe drags Delay into beef with Amerado

Lyrical Joe has dug into his lyrical arsenal to bring his 'pun weapons' to attack Amerado with his rap beast pawns.

Amerado, Delay and Lyrical Joe

However, Amerado is not allowing him to have a safe grip on him as he's put on his rap shield and try to cut him ruthlessly with his double-edge sharp rap swords. This has resulted in a bloody beef among the two fierce and hungry rappers.

It started with Amerado dropping a new freestyle he titles 'Kyibom'. In the song he describes as 'free hype' he threw shots at the reigning VGMA rapper.

Lyrical Joe responded with 'Baboon' - a diss track he recorded to reply the shots Amerado fired at him. In dropping the link of the song, he wrote "#baboon And oh @Amerado_Burner we can go as looooong as you want us to go!".

In the song below, Lyrical Joe dragged TV Presenter, Delay, into the beef after dropping a line to say "you mess up your blessings until you stop sleeping with your Mums, kissing your mums". This was in reference to reports that Amerado and Delay reportedly have a thing though the TV presenter has denied it.

The response caused Amerado to reply Lyrical Joe with "Ponky Joe" - where he dissed him for over the Delay punchline. "Fake motherf**ker, you say I am sleeping with your mother's size, I am mother f**ker, call mother's ghost to come and f**k a good d**k," Amerado rapped in Twi in the song below.

The clash between the two rappers has taken over social media as music lovers tend to enjoy the lyrical 'violence' between the two rappers who continue to drop diss tracks back to back to each other.

Lyrical Joe released 'Kwabena Numbers' today to respond to Amerado's shots that he doesn't have numbers in the rap game. "It took you two months to respond but as a hard rapper, I don't with Delay that's why I always come faster," Lyrical Joe said in the video below.

Amerado who is not giving up came back stronger with "Sin No More" where he used 'Hajia Bintu' to diss Lyrical Joe by asking him "where have been to?".

Who do you think is winning the beef so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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