I don't follow trends - King Promise speaks on long break before 'Slow Down' (WATCH)

King Promise after almost a year break from making music has ended his hiatus with a new 'Slow Down' song.

King Promise

Speaking about the long break and not having fear of losing his fans for starving them for this long, the award-winning Ghanaian singer explains that the wait was worth it because he needed that time to make good songs they can relate to.

"I had a long break before slow down. I have been working on my album and I just thought I will take some time off. Also due to Covid, I’m not going to lie because I was on tour and I had to come back to Ghana, in March last year," he told pulse.com.gh

In a conversation with Pulse Ghana's Sel The Bomb, the singer added that "since then I have just taken the time to work on my album and Slow Down is the first single off the album".

Talking about his latest song which is a teaser to what to expect on his upcoming album, King Promise said "Slow Down is a story that everyone can relate to if you have ever been with someone, you know... That you are not with anymore at a point in time it gets like that".

"I like to write music that feels real, you know what I mean. So that was the whole idea, to make sure people can connect to it," he continued.

Asked why he chose to drop 'Slow Down' and not any other song from his yet to be released tracks, the 'Selfish' singer said, "I don’t follow trends, I don’t do what’s popping. If you listen to Slow Down it doesn’t sound like anything that’s out there. I like to challenge myself and you know, we sat down and the team thought it was right".

According to King Promise, his fans are stuck with him and he won't lose any because of long breaks like this one.

"For me to be in a space where I feel like I can give you guys my best, I don’t rush it. So that’s really what it has been with me from when I started, like from when I dropped 'Oh Yeah' and it took me like half a year to drop the next single," he said.

The singer detailed that "before I dropped 'Alright' with Shatta Wale in December last year, I hadn’t dropped from like February, nine months you know what I mean. So, I just take my time with the music and then I bring it out".

"I can give every time but also when it is not the time, I just don’t rush it. And you know, the fans don’t go anywhere, they love the music still. My first album is the most streamed Ghanaian album of all time," he added.

Speaking on reaching such feat, the singer said "it is crazy, I never thought that will be possible, like not that it will be possible, but it didn’t even occur to me that… Me, I didn’t plan on breaking any record or setting one. I just made music that I love, do you know what I mean".

Hear more from him in the video below.


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