Masterpiece of all Masterpieces - Fans react as Black Sherif drops top-notch '45' visuals

2022 MTV Europe Music Awards nominee, Black Sherif has released the music video for “45,” one of the songs off his debut album, “The Villain I Never Was.”

Black Sherif

Ever since he made his breakthrough onto the music scene, the talented rap artiste has been the center of attraction, churning out back-to-back hits whiles delivering classic verses on song he’s featured on.

’45’ happens to be track 3 off his 14-tracked debut studio album ‘The Villian I Never Was’ which was released on Thursday, October 6, 2022 and has been doing impressive numbers on major streaming platforms.

The video was shot and directed by Nigeria’s TG Omori, one of the most-respected minds in the visual space in the world currently.

The video is akin to a blockbuster movie as it shows Black Sherif from a rehab center, leading a bank heist where his gang held hostages with firearms in hand.


The award-winning young talented is arrested in the end by the police, a subsequent explosion of his vehicle but surprisingly re-emerges from the blazing vehicle.

The video has been causing a lot of reactions on social media following its release.

For some , this video has great content and a working script plus a storyline and events tally with the music, which is unlike the one he shot for ‘Kwaku The Traveller’.

"The best Ghanaian music video now is 45 by black sherif! You can’t tell me nothing" a tweet said while another also "This is what he meant when he said tough skin,easy brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"


"Black sherif 45 video,after watching I must say man will surely win Grammy Awards" another tweet also tweeted. "I’ve not watched Black Sherif’s 45 music video but summarizing what I’m hearing on the streets, I can conclude and say it’s wild and will win all music videos awards next year" another one also said.

Some on the other hand believe that even though the video is dope, it subtly promotes police brutality and armed robbery.


Well, those are the opinions of others, check out the video below and let your views be known as well.


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