For some time now a lot of people have been asking me the names of some popular songs they’ve heard of on either radio or television stations.

This is nothing new to everyone.

You sometimes hear a song for the first time and fall in love with it but because it happened in a flash, you may miss the performer’s name or the title.

Other times, you find it hard to know the performer's name because it was performed by a new artiste.

One of the biggest songs to have rocked the airwaves this year is “Do The Dance” by Eddie Khae. The viral song has been banging everywhere since its release but people hardly know the performer or even the title.

Honestly, I was one of the people who didn’t know the Denzel Music label artiste until I performed a Google search, and boom, I had all the information I needed.

On this note, let me take you through 5 simple steps in finding a popular or new favourite Ghanaian song you didn’t know the name of.

1. Run an online search

The first option to consider when searching for a new or old song you didn’t know the name of is trying an online search. Just type a word, lyrics, or phrase you heard in the song into search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, Bing or YouTube and if the song has lyrics or been uploaded online, you will find it in seconds.

2. Alternate spellings

Sometimes, the wrong spelling of the song title or artiste name can lead you to a different search result. So, just try a different search. For example, if you hear the word ‘Stone Boy’ in a song, try searching other similar words.

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3. Check out music charts

If the alternative spellings don’t help, try checking out the music charts. You may come across the song you were looking for. If the song is trending, you can rely on YouTube’s latest “Trending” vertical for answers.

4. Us music recognition apps

Did the chart fail? Then try music recognition applications. Due to the nature of my job, I rely heavily on music recognition apps. Apps like Shazam, Musixmatch and Genius have helped me discover so many songs with just a tap on my phone.

5. Ask friends on social media

I remember when Patapaa’s “One Corner” song took over the mainstream media, I tried searching with my music recognition app. But, it didn’t work because he had not uploaded it online.

So, I went straight to my Facebook page and simply asked: “What’s the same of the song that made people go gaga in Agona Swedru?” And shockingly, I had so many friends commenting the name ‘Patapaa Amisty’.

That’s how I discovered him.

I hope this helps you. Don’t forget to share other tricks you know below.