The “Anka Matete” hitmakers made this known during an interview on “Ofie Kwanso” on Accra-based Okay FM.

According to Tagoe Sisters, they had good support from the late Francis Akwasi Amoako when they were rising. But things have changed.

“We are not getting the necessary support from our pastors of today,” they told Abeiku Santana. “It looks like our effort doesn’t matter to them anymore. When you are done singing, that is it.”

They said financial support is one of their biggest headaches and even when they make an effort to record pastors do not support them to market.

“Formerly, when we are offered money after a performance, we hardly accept it because money isn’t our motive. We thought it was a sacrificial job. But we came to realise that financial support was needed to push our talent. We spend money on almost everything so it’s needed.”

“Even after spending your own money to record, pastors refuse to help sell in their churches,” they added.

Watch the full interview below.