Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual Music is accusing Auzy Media labels act OBKay for assisting one of its label’s former road manager, Gregg Ankrah, for alleged fraud and joining forces to slow down the labels projects.

The allegation was levelled against the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards “Unsung” category nominee following the release of “Dede”, a song by Highly Spiritual Music new signee, Krymi.

Gregg articulated at the police custody, O'BKay took a sum of GH¢500 from him to produce the song, according to early reports.

Both record labels are not happy with the ongoing situation.

Reacting to this, O'BKay has stated that Gregg's allegation is glossily offensive to his brand and management.

According to him, the producer of the alleged beat is Nsruma and has nothing to do with him.

He also noted that Gregg Ankrah brought a US-based Ghanaian singer called Kati G to write a song for her.

Apparently, the beat was not bought, it wasn't legal.

“Gregg gave me the beat to write the song (for Kati G). And after writing the song for her, I even ordered the girl not to release the song because she didn't really sing the song I wrote for her like I expected her to,” he stated.

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O’BKay further stated that he was not comfortable with the beat because it had the producer's signature on it throughout.

“I knew straight up the beat was not bought. Maybe Gregg stole the beat from the producer's archive or something.”

“Afterwards, there's this Highly Spiritual Music records’ signee Krymi. He released a song called 'Dede' and apparently that same record employee who stole the beat for the girl also stole that same beat to record another song, thus Krymi's song.”

He added that when Gregg was caught and was in police custody, he made mention of O'BKay's name as the producer for both the song and beat.

Due to the miscommunication on the side of Gregg, O'BKay reached out to Kaywa to clarify things, but he [Kaywa] also confirmed Gregg's allegation.

“So, when Gregg got to know I was in the know about his allegation, he changed the producer's name to ODB instead of me,” he concluded.