Wake me up when the Okoye brothers are back together

Someone needs to tell the Okoye brothers that this solo status is not working and it needs to be fixed.

The story of one of Nigeria's most successful music group, P-Square is very well documented and covers many pages in the history books of the music industry.

From 2003, when they released the video for their breakout single, 'Senorita' off the debut album, Last Nite, the Okoye brothers made a statement of intent that they were here to leave a mark, which they successfully achieved.

Their sophomore project, Get Squared released in 2005 featuring hit singles like 'Bizzy Body', 'Oga Police' and 'Temptation' ensured their rise to becoming bonafide superstars on the continent.


And over six studio albums, the brothers caused a storm across Africa alongside their manager and elder brother, Jude Okoye.

P-Square as a group spiced the music industry with their electrifying dance impressions, stage performances, love songs and exquisite videos that endeared them into the hearts of many.

Then came a prolonged breakup drama which began in 2014, when the first news of their internal differences came to light, eventually leading to a messy separation in 2017, with videos surfacing online of the brothers almost resulting to fisticuffs in the office of their lawyer, Festus Keyamo.

As customary when groups break up, it is the fans that seem to be affected the most as they struggle to adapt to the change that has occurred, but there were strong reasons for the break-up at the time as they both alluded to lack of respect.


However, almost a year down the line and questions have surfaced concerning the solo paths they have chosen.

This is not the first time that music groups will be breaking up, but more often than not, one member of the group goes on to have a really impactful solo career that puts the separation into perspective and opens a new direction to their music.

Like when the Plantashun Boiz comprising of the trio of Blackface, 2face Idibia and Faze went their separate ways, the individual successes they enjoyed almost immediately after, went a long way in easing the pains of their break up, but for P-Square, the situations come of a bit different.

First, P-Square is a group comprising of two brothers, twins actually, and managed by their elder brother, Jude, as against a collection of friends coming together to make music.

And more importantly, their attempt at solo careers have thus far not impressed anybody, their early stages of self discovery have been rather tepid, with no standout single, as they continue to be surrounded by controversies that trailed the P-Square era.


Already, there have again being claims of copyright theft surrounding Mr P's official single, 'Ebeano', alongside his early imitations of old American songs, while Paul now known as Rudeboi, who was recognised as the writer for the group has not exactly evolved as he still makes music that sounds like what P-Square was offering almost a decade ago.

As a group, they were so well synched that till the tail end of their careers, many were unable to identify them apart, so somewhere in-between the singing and dancing together, the question of originality and shallow lyrics was fairly well conceived, now, it has become more visible as they do their individual thing.

Maybe it is the familiarity of the duo rather than the uno, but more importantly, the music that has been created after the break up has left more longing than filling, with every song leaving an ache of nostalgia, a feeling of 'what if' rather than 'what is to come'.


With the video of Mr P's 'Ebeano', comes Rudeboi's 'Reality', the brothers almost seem to be in a competition where no one is actually winning, and despite putting out a multitude of songs, they have largely lacked any conviction.

Peter 'Mr P' Okoye, recently stated that for anything like a reunion to occur between the duo, then it has to be done from a place of respect.

So clearly the bad blood is deeper than what the surface reveals, and concessions will have to be made on both sides for it to happen.


But why make us choose between Mr P or Rudeboi, when we can as well have P-Square?

To music lovers, P-Square getting back together is a no-brainer, as long as the brothers remain convinced that music is the path they want to toe, then it is a win-win for them, but will it ever happen, that is something we just have to wait to see.

However, if all we are going to keep getting is a watered version of what they offered as a group, then someone needs to tell them that so far, it is just not working.


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