After producing successful mixtapes and a EP,

Though the "Hol'It" hitmaker didn't reveal the track list, producers, featured artistes and release date, he made it known that the album is about oneness and forgiveness.

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He unveiled the album cover a few days ago adding that "when I do certain things which are wrong, my fans forgive me so why shouldn't I forgive a fan. Am not God ..we all one people..I will love my fans forever and it's for life.. .#‎notime‬"

Shatta Wale, who has tens of hits and hundreds of singles also has eight (8) mixtapes to his credit. The mixtapes include "Million Miles Mixtape" (2015), "Green Times Mixtape" (2014), "Times & Season" (2015), "Magical Year Mixtape" (2015), "Up a Road Mixtape" (2015), "Answers" (2014),"Foundation" (2015)  and "USA Tour Mixtape" (2015).