Just like Citi FM’s Nana Ama’s ‘heavy slaps’ for branding John Dumelo’s Vals Day’s gestures at University of Ghana as ‘gross and predatory’, Shatta Wale didn’t go scot free for condemning the industry.

According to him, the music industry is ‘so poor’ and he is ‘sad’ about it.

He wrote on Twitter last Sunday: “It’s sooo sad our music industry is so poor in the mind like in their pockets too ...very very sad but still some want to form like nuttin deh happen ..Liars and bitches”.

His staunch fans agreed, but some showbiz followers didn’t take the statement lightly.

One user used Shatta Michy’s recent shade to respond to Shatta Wale: “Said by a 36 year old dad whose 3 yr kid has big brains past him”.

Another user called him out for clout chasing: “When u don’t get hype it seems u fading so u talk shit to be relevant...if it’s poor invest money into their pocket to make it rich”.

One asked him to focus on his career: “You always talking about Ghana music industry... why can’t you just do your thing.!! Everyday someone is poor.!! Your ranting is becoming too annoying.!”

“He starts ranting when his pocket becomes dry & has nothing to eat, that's when he starts envying his mates who are eating good. you can see from his face & body nigga looks so poor”, another user fired.

He was asked to make a change: “Then try n make it better ... it takes one to change everything... #ibelieveucandoit”.