The launch had performances from upcoming artists like Chris Nelly, P Life, Kenzey and a mainstream artist, Femi DeBankBuoy who featured on Blow My Mind. M.O.V. crowned the performances with a five star delivery and ended with a mini sketch with a pretty lady that resulted in a never ending applause.

The launch came to an end after an hour of great music and performances and the audience in the Piano Bar, on Facebook and Dekash TV simply wanted more.

At an interview on the red carpet, the TV Africa crew wanted to know if M.O.V. thought preferential treatment should be given to visually impaired artists like him and his answer was that it was not needed since he was as good as any big artist in the industry.

He however asked that his music be played every where and he be called for shows. He ended by saying, “My sound is different and Ghana has not heard a sound like this before, I am taking Ghana to the world. M.O.V. to the world.”

In addition to his debut single, “Lady in White”, the new singles, “Blow My Mind” and “Logoligi” can be streamed on all the major streaming shops in the world.

Click the links below to enjoy his three (3) singles.

Blow My Mind


Lady In White

You can also watch the lyrics videos of all his songs on YouTube. Interact with him on social media, MOV Music and watch out for a performance near you.