The water-turned wine from Jesus had alcohol in it – Rev Edwin Dadson

Rev Edwin Dadson, minister of the gospel and musician, said in an interview on Showbiz 360 that the water that Jesus Christ turned into wine at a wedding had alcohol.

Rev Edwin Dadson

There is been a debate for decades as people wonder if Christians should be alcohol consumers.


According to the book, John 2:1-11. In the village of Cana, Jesus, his mother, and his disciples attend a wedding. When the wine runs out at the feast, Jesus turns water into wine, proving to his disciples his divinity.

Rev Edwin Dadson confirmed, “Yes, It’s a wine that had alcohol.” And replying to the question of if Jesus was encouraging drinking, he said, “No.”

Rev Dadson also shared how he manages to excel as a minister of the gospel and a gospel artiste. He mentions that these two roles are complementary, aiming towards a common goal.

“My point of musicianship comes from the ministry. I feel I’m doing this (singing) unto God, so it doesn’t conflict at all. Originally, that is what it was in the Bible; You are making music unto the Lord. And that is what we’ve been made for, so it doesn’t conflict.

This doesn’t mean that there are no challenges and difficulties. But in terms of the goal, it is one thing. So it’s one driving the other for me.”

“I think the goal of gospel music goes beyond just inspiring an individual to feel good and see life in a better way. The goal of gospel music is the fact that it brings salvation to the soul, which every man on earth needs,” he continued. “So you could do something that is inspiring people, which is good, but it cannot be compared to the ultimate. The ultimate is salvation.”

Pointing out the difference between gospel music and inspirational songs, Rev Edwin Dadson pointed out that these two may seem similar but are very different in how they enrich the soul.


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