Kontihene who is known for his old hit songs like “Aketesia” “Asesa” “Effeh” among others went ballistic during a live Radio broadcast when the Presenter mentioned to him that some reports suggest that his career is dead.

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 According to the musician, he doesn’t agree to that statement, adding that his songs are way nicer than all the current songs that are on rotation across the airwaves.

“My song is nicer than all the latest songs going on there … pick a headphone and listen to my music and you’ll know the magnitude of the talent that I am having, so if you say my career died, then it means you are being st*upid” he said on Neat FM. 

In a video sighted by pulse.com.gh, fuming Kontihene further warned that he is a spirit and that whoever makes such ill comments about his music career will meet his/her untimely death.

Before you pass any comment, watch Kontihene’s rant in the video below and tell us what you think.