Musician Deborah Vanessa has once again shared a photo on her Instagram in an almost nude state.

The “Borla”  singer has uploaded a semi-nude photograph of herself wearing nothing but some beads around her neck and waist, with some parts of her body covered in traces of paint.

Stating that the picture came about as a result of a desire of hers to do an artistic nude scene, Deborra's picture has caused quite a stir on Instagram, inviting several responses from fans.

"Too much sauce" one user commented, while another compared Deborah's outfit to that of the ancient Amazon princesses; "Eish! Amazon distin", he wrote. Other users however, were not so amused. "This will not make u "the Deborah " u want to be."one user wrote, while another made a rather peculiar allegation; "Stop committing murder cos it will not take u no where".