Can you tell us your story about becoming an HR-professional?

“I went to school for marketing,” says Kusi. “I remember when I moved from Atlanta back to New York where I grew up, I applied for a Human Resource assistant role that I saw in the newspaper. I desperately needed a job and I applied for it. After applying I ended up calling the director and he just happened to have my CV in front of him. It was a little bit of luck and also me being proactive and going for it. I moved back [to Ghana] about six years ago, just to be able to bring back that experience and knowledge that I acquired in the US. And I decided to start the consultancy. That’s been a six-year journey. It was just really about coming back and instilling that knowledge on people. Whether it’s through training, whether it’s through coaching. That’s how I ventured into entrepreneurship.”

What can job seekers do who have been unemployed for a long time?

“Everybody has a role to play when it comes to youth unemployment. Whether it’s the government or our educational institutions. Even youth themselves have a role to play. Don’t stay idle. Don’t think I’ve graduated let me just go and find a job. You have to go out and be proactive. Go out, knock on doors, start something. Whether it’s even helping your Mum at the market. Do something, because all those skills that you may think are unimported, you can translate that into skills on your CV. When you eventually get an interview, you’d be asked what experience and what skills you have. You don’t want to hear that you are underqualified. Whether it’s through internships or volunteering, it doesn’t even matter where. Just go out and do something and translate it as a skill on your CV. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the youth and some of them have an attitude of self-entitlement. Or “the government owes us” and therefore we’re just waiting. The government doesn’t owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to really go out there and be proactive and make it happen. If somebody sees that you’re trying, they see that you’re able and capable of doing something. Use your social media page to demonstrate your skills. Employers now go there to look for talent. What are you doing? Go out and do something. The job is not going to fall on your lap.” 

Do you have any tips for people who want to do the same as you do?

“Become knowledgeable, speak to others in the space and research it. But most importantly, you have to be empathetic. Do it because you are willing to help people grow.”