Nigeria’s Plateau state High Court in Jos has reportedly sentenced a 24-year-old man to death by hanging, for beating his 65-year-old mother to death, claiming she refused to respond to his greeting.

Godwin Banchir, according to reports used a stick to beat his mother to death on January 21, 2016.

The young man was then arrested by neighbours and handed over to law enforcement authorities who arraigned him on June 6th 2016 with a charge of culpable homicide, contrary to Section 221 of the Penal Code punishable with death upon conviction.

During interrogation, the then suspect reportedly admitted to the crime, saying he returned from farm and greeted his mother and she ignored him, hence he got infuriated and attacked her with a stick of an axe, leading to her death.

“I got angry when she did not respond to my greetings, so I picked the stick of an axe and hit her around her ribs.

“She fell down and started shouting, which attracted our neighbours who came to beat me up and later took me to the police station.

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“I have been having misunderstandings with my mother each time I return from the farm, she doesn’t cook for me on time, and she always quarrels with me whenever I want to bathe with the water she fetched from the stream. Her actions always annoyed me, I did not know that she was going to die from the beating she received from me,” Banchir told police.

Apparently, Banchir virtually took his mother for his wife and thought she was obliged to serve him.

Meanwhile, having gone the full trial process, the court presided over by Justice Longji found him guilty of the heinous crime.

“Going by the findings of this court, you Godwin Banchir, mercilessly took the life of your mother, Mrs Saratu Banchir, in cold blood. This sentence is mandatory, as the law states that any person convicted of murder shall be punished with death by hanging. The sentence of this court upon you is that you, Godwin Banchir, will be hanged until you are dead, may God have mercy on your soul,’ Justice Longji ruled.