Drunk man inserts two live fishes into anus

A 45-year-old man lands in the hospital after inserting two live fishes into his nus during a drunken stint.

A pond Loach

The middle-aged man was rushed to the hospital after his expensive stunt as one of the fishes known as pond loaches had swum up into his abdomen, broken through the bowel wall causing severe abdominal pain.

Daily Mail reports revealed that man claimed to have been drinking on March 10 and put the fishes into his body by himself.

Following signs of low blood pressure and severe stomach pain, the man whose identity has been withheld, was rushed to the hospital.

After carrying out an abdominal digital radiography, the loaches were located.

Surgeons diagnosed the patient with perforation of the intestine and was at risk of septic shock due to infection.

The Doctors were able to find one but only identified a wound on the intestinal wall giving a clue as to where the second loach had gone.

Speaking with reporters, the doctors said that the second pond loach was found stuck in the upper left section of the patient's abdomen.

One of the doctors said:

"The second fish is four inches long and 0.8 inches wide. He could have lost his life if this loach swam further and reached upper organs.

"The fish had caused serious infection in the patient's abdominal area and he has now been transferred to intensive care for further treatment."

The patient is reportedly in recovery while receiving further treatments.


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