A young man has blown everybody off their feet by resorting to twitter to drop a bombshell that his younger sister is 3 months pregnant for her, and they are both proud and happy about it.

The man only identified on twitter as @gurujeremy2 shared photos of himself and the alleged pregnant sister, saying their parents are not yet aware of their relationship he referred to as unique.

This Incest Story Will Shock You To Your Core

Instead of fearing that authorities would come after them for incest, the man said they don’t see their relationship and the resultant pregnancy as incestuous, but rather their togetherness is by fate.

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Read his post and more of their photos below:

"Me and my sister have a love that goes beyond the legal system. Some call it incest, we call it fate

"Our parents don’t know but they will soon cuz she actually 3 months pregnant with my daughter/niece

"Me and my baby sister. Cutest couple ever. I love her . The world will never understand the bond we have.

"Honestly I didn’t know dating your half siblings was a bad thing. We’re foreign we don’t understand these things

"It ain’t insects if we only half related

"Ok but that is my baby sister and we is f–ing so what else should I say?! Lol"