The South African authorities have arrested and detained a Nigerian man who was found with

The officers then accompanied him to his home where they shockingly found a printing press filled with equipment where he allegedly prints the counterfeit monies.

The US dollar, the South African Rand and Nigerian Naira were among some of the fake currency notes found in the man’s possession.

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Officers reportedly seized the said equipment while the suspect is in custody helping in investigation.

MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun said “The suspect was immediately arrested‚ and the counterfeit bank notes consisting of R300 000; US Dollars; Nigerian Naira; and a mini printing press and equipment were seized. The suspect is being detained by the police and will face serious criminal charges of money laundering and possession of counterfeit notes.”

He added that, “This (is the) kind of criminal operation which hurts the economy of Johannesburg. Unsuspecting shops and small businesses would often lose out on making an honest living when fake money is used to pay them for their goods.”