Man killed by bus blamed for not using pedestrian bridge

The corpse of a man who was killed after failing to make use of a pedestrian bridge was reportedly abandoned.

An observer at the scene who spoke anonymously submitted that the deceased neglected using the pedestrian bridge.

According to The Guardian News, the victim ignored using the structure which could have provided a safer means of navigation if utilized.

He was reportedly rooted from the ground by an interstate vehicle while he was attempting to cross to an opposite road direction at Hassan bus-stop.

Due to a fear of being killed by a mob who were reportedly charging towards him, the driver of the bus made for safety, driving at a fast speed along the highway.

The corpse of the departed however laid untended for a long period after the incident.

An eyewitness who interacted with The Guardian explained why this was the case.

“The driver that hit him has run away, what is my own? That is the bridge on top of him, he did not use it.

"If we touch him and police come, they will arrest all of us here. It is better we leave him and when they are ready, they will come and carry him away," the witness revealed according to the news platform.

Why people are shunning safe living

One of the worms that have welcomed Nigeria's awakening when it concerns a need to improve public infrastructure is non-compliance, which has often resulted in the destruction of property, full blown chaos and even death.

Pedestrians bridges in particular have seen minimal use in some locations in the country.

Areas new to the innovation due to long years spent before attention was brought to these communities appear to be dealing with a troubling withdrawal syndrome borne out of a rapid exposure to some adversities - a height designed foot path for instance.

The reflex response for most have been an interest to engage in an age-long habit that has seen the people commit themselves to harm in defiance of safe bridges.

Fencing wires installed to prevent city residents from making dangerous switches on roads have been shattered with holes in some locations in Lagos and Abuja, where the government has invested much in urban development.

A new strategy can solve issues

Many factors have contributed to the issue. One of them include a poor recognition of the importance of communal growth fostered through a desire to grow one's capacity.

An unlearning process is needed to purge the citizens of obsolete ideas hindering national progress.

This can begin through a consistent conversation concerning the issues besetting Nigeria.

For example, corruption, neglect of duty, widespread labour incompetence, unhealthy tribal and religious sentiments, blind adherence to dangerous cultural values, responsible for pain experienced in marriages.

The time when intelligent talk about problems should have long passed in Nigeria.

Intellectuals who are perceived as patriots have failed to implement ideas that can aid speedy progress. Nigerians appear to be far dwindling in number when it concerns their appreciation for upholding good moral values.

A failing government has often been submitted as a reason why the citizens give in to poor judgment. The mood is likely to change when they start to care for goodness in character.


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