Angry mob batters man who reportedly turned human being to goat

The intervention of the police saved a man from being beaten to death by an angry mob who accused him of turning a human being to a goat.

The 36-years-old victim who was saved from death due to a timely intervention of the police, claimed that the animal belongs to him.

He had just stepped out on a trip when he noticed the animal had jointly embarked on the journey with him.

It was in this moment that the mob apprehended him accusing him of using fetish means to transform a person to a goat, says the Daily Post News.

“I was strolling out of my compound only to realize that my goat was following.

"Usually it follows me whenever I am going out because I used to buy biscuit for it, but this time I didn’t want it to follow me so I decided to run and try to dodge it. The goat’s name is Remember.

“I was surprised that people thought I changed a human being into a goat. How is that possible?,” the suspect reportedly stated.

According to reports, the police has expressed a determination to solve the mystery.

Nigeria, known for a high rate of fetish activities, has seen deaths to many innocent persons who have been victims of wealth seekers and their agents.


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