Zimbabwe man arrested for having sex with donkey say it's his girlfriend

A Zimbabwe man has been sentenced for making love with a donkey.

A man is in jail for 'loving' a donkey

A Zimbabwean man from the Mwenezi tribe, left a court in fits of laughter when he said that the donkey he was caught having sex with is his girlfriend as he does not have any human partner.


As reported in The Chronicle, Munyaradzi Chidhani, 24, was nabbed in the act red handed and handed over to the police.

In his defense, Chidhani, said:


“I resorted to bestiality to quench my sexual appetite because I don’t have a girlfriend. The donkey is my only girlfriend.”

The prosecutor, Willard Chasi, told the court that Chidhani found the female donkey grazing in a field and took it home as a wife.

“On November, 8, Chidhani who was alone, found a female donkey in the fields. He tied a rope around its neck and took it home where he had sex with the animal.”

A villager, Benjamin Sendeke, who was checking a boundary fence on his plot found Chidhani in the act.


“Chidhani attempted to run away after realising that Sendeke had seen him. Sendeke gave chase, caught him and took him to the owner of the donkey, Tsungirirai Nyoni,” Chasi added.

Chidhani was handed down a 12 months imprisonment term by Mwenezi resident Magistrate Honest Musiiwa, on charges of bestiality.



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