A 58-year-old engineer has revealed that he has sex with his sex dolls

James who has been married for 36 years has three dolls that look too realistic to be ignored, and each of them costs £2,000 ($2,600).

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The engineer might be keeping the three because he wants to enjoy sex with variety of partners.

What he is aiming at now is to take the enjoyment to a higher level by purchasing a robotic sex doll called Harmony, which according to ladbible.com, can talk back to him, smile and will even be responsive during sex.

The man is currently saving about £8,000 ($10,600) cash for the robotic sex doll.

Sharing his experience, he said "We usually have sex two to three, sometimes four nights a week routinely. It's amazingly like having sex with a real woman, the biggest difference is whatever position you want them in you have to put them in, as they will not get there on their own.

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"Most manufacturers make them look something in the region of 20 years old. For a man of my age it's a fantasy because I will never be a Brad Pitt or something like that."

Amazingly, James goes out to public places with his sex doll partner, especially the one called April.

"When I take April out it's usually to a hamburger place where we can stop and get a bite to eat, a lot of people don't even notice she is not a breathing person," he said.

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As if he did not know he was dropping a bombshell, James said "Most doll owners, although they do go into it with the doll as a sex toy, they find they do develop a relationship with it. If I had to choose between April and my wife I honestly don't know what I would do."