CCTV captures robbery operation inside barbering shop (watch)

A CCTV footage circulating online shows how armed robbers invaded a barbering salon and held occupants hostage before taking their belongings from them at gunpoint.

CCTV captures terrifying robbery operation inside barbering shop

Two of the three robbers walked straight into the barbering shop, while one attacked a man standing outside before dragging him into the salon.

The video shows him pointing a handgun at the man and marched him into the shop where he joined his colleague bandits to rob everyone present in the shop.

They picked and placed items into their bags and boxer shorts.

While the other victims of the robbery complied with the orders of the robbers, one of them refused to hand over his phone. He engaged in a struggle with the armed bandits who assaulted him before taking his phone in addition.

After taking all the valuables they could set their eyes on, they left the shop.

Watch the entire operation in the video below:


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