An Accra Circuit Court was full of hilarity on Thursday when Kwadwo Otu, an unemployed who was caught with four wrappers of Indian hemp appeared before it.

The audience could simply not control themselves as they defied the possibility of being cited for contempt of court and laughed uncontrollably.

It all started when Otu, came to the court barefooted and began pleading as soon as his case was called.

The suspect who was charged with use of a narcotic drug without lawful authority, did not hesitate to plead guilty.

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It was clear to the court that being humans, the audience could hardly be charged with contempt as suspect kept pleading with the audience in the court to beg on his behalf because he knew he had breached the law.

Realising the audience were not in the position to help him, after the charges were read to him, Otu then turned his plea to God saying, “Awurade Kasa, Awurade Kasa” literally meaning “God should speak or intervene”.

As if God had refused his plea, Otu then turned to the case investigator saying, “I told you not to bring me to court because I have breached the law but you did not mind me. Please, I will not do that again.”

The suspect would just not leave any stone unturned to avoid going to jail, as he again turned to one of the court clerks saying, “if you like please send me to your house and monitor me to see if I will do that again.”

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The court, presided over by Ms. Eva Bannerman-Williams, remanded him into police custody and deferred his sentence to October 26.

Chief Inspector Kwabena Adu in narrating the case to the court, said the complainants were police officers stationed at Adenta District Police Headquarters, while Otu was resident at Ashiyie.

On September 26, this year, the prosecution said the complainants were detailed on a snap check on the Adenta-Dodowa Highway.

Chief Inspector Adu said at about 12:00 hours, General Lance Corporal Robert Mensah, who was part of the officers on duty, intercepted a taxi cab, which the accused was on board.

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During a search, four wrappers were found on Otu and, in his caution statement, admitted ownership and stated that he bought them from someone at Madina Zongo Junction.