It is marveling how a 39-year-old British woman has to

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According to, the 6-hour surgerymakes Selwa the second person to have the artificial heart in the UK, and the machine alone costs£86,000 to make in the US.

The battery powered heart which pumps blood around her body at 138 beats per minute in a rhythm causing her chest to vibrate, according to The Sun, became the last resort because the woman was too ill at the time for a heart implant.

Selwa is reported to have said, “I was so ill before and after the surgery that it has taken me all this time to get fit enough to come home.

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“Harefield have been absolutely magnificent.

“They came up with a solution that allowed me to stay alive to see the New Year in with my family. For that I am eternally grateful.”

The delicate issue however is that, Selwa requires a caretaker who must be with her constantly and they have just 90 seconds to connect her to a backup machine if disaster strikes.