Wife dumps 1-day-old baby into toilet

Why would a married woman decide to throw away her one day old baby?

An housewife who committed a great abomination by dumping her 1-day-old baby in a toilet in the Okpoko community of Ogbaru local government area of Anambra State, has thrown the residents into confusion as they do not know what calamity would follow them after the alleged act.

The woman was said to have confessed that she decided to dump the newborn baby into the toilet to save her the agony of nursing a baby, which, she said, could disturb her business.

She was said to have a protruded stomach, a peculiar nature that made many people in the area, not to be aware that she was pregnant.

According to Nigerian Tribune, when a member of the family, her brother-in-law, wanted to use the toilet, he discovered that water could not flush the waste, as his faeces remained floating.

The brother-in-law, decided to check what could stop the toilet from flushing and on investigation, discovered, to his surprise, that a placenta had been dumped into the toilet, a situation which made him to scream, attracting other residents to the scene, who in utter disbelief, removed the lifeless baby from the toilet.

When the whole family met shortly after the incident and summoned other family members, some of them saw traces of blood stain on the woman’s clothes, the wife of their elder brother, but she refused to give details of the bizarre act, and even denied knowledge of what happened.

She was thereafter taken to a maternity home where it was confirmed that she had given birth to a baby. She was handed over to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.


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