Trymore Chibwe, a 19-year-old teenager has exposed his sugar mummy, Memory Tete, who he accused of selling his sperm after ten rounds of sex per day.

The teenager reportedly revealed explicit details of their affair after his lover dumped him for another lover who he claimed has threatened him.

A village head, Caleb Masango had summoned Tete and the teenager following the shocking discovery.

“It started well in my life as memory took me to her home when I was in grade six. I was going to school at the same time herding cattle.

“We started having sexual intercourse in 2012 and would do 10 rounds per day. She would stock the sperms and then go to South Africa to sell them.

“My father caught us red handed having sex in 2014. He was passing by and he heard the explicit sounds and forced his way into the house where he caught us pants down.

“He lodged a complaint with the police but they never took it seriously because she is so influential in the society.

“After I finished my grade seven, I got $30 from the woman for the services I rendered, so I left to my uncle’s place to stay but the woman still followed me, pleading for me to come back since I had witnessed her dumping a foetus at her homestead.

“But problem started when the woman dated Mafana Gideon who threatened and chased me away.

“I kept on demanding my money but Gideon continued to threaten me and now I am failing to sexually satisfy my wife whom I married,” Chibwe told the village administrator.

The 40-year-old cougar however denied the claims made by the teenager concerning selling his sperm for money.

Her dealings with the teenager was based on a desire to have sex after admitting that the absence of her husband had rendered her quite starved.

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She disclosed that the latter forgave her misdeeds due to an understanding they both had concerning the matter.

The case was however referred to the police as the village authority continues investigation into the matter.