White men visit African king's palace, refuse to kneel down to show respect

Some people are of the view that the white people are not subjects of the African king and for that reason were not under any obligation to show him respect by kneeling down.


However, another school of thought believes that, “if you go to Rome you must do what Romans do”. They argue that just as African leaders go to those western countries and reduce themselves to nothing and comply with their cultural practices, the Caucasians must reciprocate same when they find themselves on the soils of Africa.

Currently, there is public anger about the claim by British Prime Minister, Theresa May that the British are willing to help commonwealth nations including Ghana and Nigeria to rewrite their laws to make provision for right of gays and homosexuals.


Some analysts have said that the move is an attempt to alter the African culture and its traditions.

In respect of the development at the king Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi’s palace, there is also another school of thought raising questions about the relevance of kneeling down before talking to a traditional leader and whether it is not dehumanizing.

It reignites the question of whether the time has come for a second look at certain cultural practices and review them if they have outlived their relevance.

However, there is also a question of whether the king did not have any power to exercise if any person or group of persons came to misbehave in his palace? Or his power to crack the whip is only reserved for Africans.

Maybe that was why the white men had the audacity to do what they did.



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