'I did not cut my wife's ear' - Accused husband

The man accused of beating his wife and cutting off her ear has come out with his own side of the story.

Nonso Paul has claimed he did not beat his wife, Nwogo

In the past few days, the social media has been agog over the story of a man, Nonso Paul Nzedebe, who allegedly battered his wife, Nwogo, and used a plier to cut off her ear.

With many Nigerians roundly condemning the man and calling all sorts of names, Nzedebe, a lawyer, has come out with own side of the story, claiming that he did not commit the act he is being accused of.

In a press statement he released earlier today, Nzedebe said his iwfe was even the one that attacked him with a knife when he tried to stop her from beating their housemaid to death.

He also stated that she injured herself with a plier their security man used to try and repair the door she destroyed during the fight.

Read his own side of the story:

"It is with uttermost dismay, disgust ‎and shock, when I learnt of the details of the allegation that I cut off my wife's ear.

Please be patient to hear my side of the story.

The occasion leading up to the event, that led to the injury sustained by my wife, was a fight between my wife and the housemaid.

I am completely stunned that somebody would turn around and tell the whole world that I did this to my wife.

I am a victim of circumstances in this incident as I only came to separate a fight at about 11:30pm between my wife and the maid.

On the 18th ‎November, 2015, late at night while I was asleep, I suddenly heard a loud noise thinking it was armed robbers, that came to attack the compound only to wake up and find out that it was my wife that was beating the maid to stupor.

I was barely naked with wrapper when I rushed to restrain her from further beating up the maid. She turned around to tell me that I am a useless man and the next thing I heard was a slap from her. I was dazed and fell on the wall. I struggled to get my boxer while she continued to attack me.

She destroyed the window blinds and my computer before the neighbours rushed in. She went for the kitchen knife and started threatening to kill me. She finally left the compound, unknowingly to me and the gate man as we were about repairing the door so that we can put it in proper condition for the night, she came from nowhere to rain deadly blows on my face.

The neighbours held me and she was kicking and hitting me on the face so I struggled to defend my eyes. It was in the heat of the ensuing altercation that the plier with the gate man accidentally hit on her ear. Immediately she turned around and said that she has finally gotten me and that is the end of my life and that they should snap her. She was taken to the hospital and the ear was stitched back immediately.

The altercation which ensued was between her and the house maid but the issue of cutting her ears was totally an accident as a result of me trying to restrain my wife from fighting the maid.

I want ‎the public to know the both sides of a story before ever coming to a conclusion and Judgment.

Thank you

Chukwunonso Paul Nzedebe, Esq. *LL.B (UNIBEN) B.L*"


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