American man beats lover's husband to death to prove his love

A 24-year-old man who was in love with a 38-year-old woman has been arrested for beating her husband to death.

Sarah, Andrew Jackson and Conhor Coleman

A former American professional golfer, Andrew Jackson, 42, has been beaten to death by his wife's jealous younger secret lover, Conhor Coleman, 24, who wanted to prove that he was man a enough, reports Telegraph.

The Teesside Crown Court heard that the Jackson was attacked in the street in Richmond, North Yorkshire, Coleman, while screaming, 'you're not such a big man now', because he saw the husband as an obstacle in his relationship with his wife, Sarah, 38.

The court was told by prosecutors that Sarah had embarked a number of affairs during her five-year marriage and began the affair with the muscular Coleman when he started babysitting for her young sons.

On the night her husband was killed, the three of them ended up drinking in the same bar in the town of Richmond in North Yorkshire and despite her husband and lover both being in the bar, Sarah was seen leading another man to a private room and the husband turned a blind eye to it.

This did not go down well with Coleman who became enraged and following an outburst was asked to leave the bar. Sarah followed her lover and Jackson followed them both but that was to be a fatal decision because Coleman descended on him, knocked him to the floor and when he was on the floor, he repeatedly struck him with his fists. Mr Jackson was left unconscious and his breathing stopped.


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